Fox 5's Good Day New York Live at A&S Bagels on December 28, 2007
Fox 5's Good Day New York and Vanessa Alfano televised their morning show live from A&S Bagels on December 28, 2007.  Vanessa Alfano, a Features Reporter for Fox 5 took a tour of our retail and baking operations and aired several segments live throughout the morning.  

In the first few segments, Vanessa Alfano interviewed Anthony Scolieri about A&S Bagels' history.  She sampled our French Toast bagel with crumb topping topped with powdered sugar.  In the final segment, Vanessa Alfano interviewed Nino and Anthony Scolieri while touring the baking facilities.

A&S Bagels would like to give a special thanks to the Fox 5 Good Day New York's camera and operations crew, Vanessa Alfano, Reid Lamberty and all our loyal customers. 

A&S Bagels was also featured on the CBS television network.  On February 22, 2004, CBS aired a Tony Tantillo Newscast in which he learned how to make bagels at A&S Bagels.  He toured the retail store and the baking facilities and interviewed the Nino and Anthony Scolieri.  Thank you Tony Tantillo for stopping by.


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